Kongos at Live The Venue {Durban}

So as many of you may know the Kongos band has been touring SA this month - and if you didn't, we forgive you, but only if you watch this video of theirs right now! Its been playing on 5fm a lot lately - it's called I'm Only Joking.
The Kongos have a huge fan base in SA, evident from the big support they got this year at Rocking the Daisies. So we were super stoked when they decided to come to Durban! I (Kim) booked my earlybird tickets about a month ago already and so we were very hyped up to see them last Friday as we'd waited quite a while. They played at Live The Venue, an awesome new venue in our city that just proves that us Durbanites definitely do support live music!

There was a long line to get in on Friday night, but thankfully all the waiting was forgotten after we got inside and the bands started playing. Johnny, Jesse, Dylan and Danny Kongos make up the band - yes, they are all brothers and they did name it after their surname! They grew up in London and South Africa, and played their songs first in Phoenix, Arizona in the US - so they have a pretty unique style that I can't quite compare them to anyone else.

Below are some of our own pics from Friday night. The Kongos have said in interviews previously that one of their greatest influences is The Beatles... which ended up being awesome for us when they did their own cover versions of Come Together and All the Lonely People - both were epic, with the crowd singing along to every word! I've seen on the net that they might be visiting us again in December - lets hope this is true.
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