Crush Magazine {Online Food Mag}

It will come as no surprise to you to know that we are 100 percent behind anything that is local and anything that is fresh, vibrant  full of energy and different. One such local thing that is exactly all this and more is Crush Online Magazine. We stumbled across this magazine quite some time ago, around the launch of their second edition and have been hooked since. 
Crush is a South African food magazine aimed at all the foodies and not-so-foodies out there. It's packed with great articles about local food artisans, products and restaurants as well as tons of inspiring, easy to make recipes. What's great about Crush, like most other online magazines, is its interactivity. Like the hand held blender featured on Page 3? Simply hover over the image and it's price and specs pop up onto your screen. Interested in buying it or finding out more? Click on the image and a new tab will appear taking you right to it's website. And tech-weary people need not fear - Crush is designed to be super user-friendly and oh-so-easy to navigate. As designers ourselves, we can really appreciate all the hard work and sweat that must go into each and every carefully crafted article. The writing is suberb and the design and layout - well, we are just speechless at how beautiful it is. Check out some screenshots below of their latest issue
We give this great food mag two thumbs up. And the best part? Subscribing is free! Head on down to the  Crush website to subscribe and become inspired by all the delicious food!

All pictures sourced from the Crush website

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