On Trend: Glitter Glam Metallic Wedding Inspiration

Plan your wedding by colour. While this seems like a simple task, there are so many shades, tones and tints to choose from that are just gorgeous for any wedding day. That's why we love the metallic-themed trend... what it lacks in 'colour', it makes up for in sparkles and glitz. While the theme can be kitsch and tend to be overdone - you have to be very careful about this when choosing your decor and accessories - it can alternatively be absolutely fairytale-like. Ever since David Beckham and Posh Spice's metallic-themed wedding where she wore a shimmery gold dress, we've loved this champagne theme!

1 // Fireworks would be the perfect ending to your glitter glam wedding... why not? And your guests will love them!
2 // Glittery golden pears to make up part of your decor - so beautiful and different as your table pieces instead of flowers.
3 // Shimmery tablecloths can either look like a Back to the 80's party or a glam affair, so be sure to do it right. There is unmistakeable loveliness in gleaming surfaces.
4 // You don't want to overdo your colours with this metallic theme - keep it simple with gold/silver and white. Use silver or gold underplates under your dinner dinner plates to add a classic golden-edge glitz effect.
5 // On your wedding stationery, use glamorous gold foil detailing. We think its just so effective.
6 // Champagne macaroons as wedding favours or dessert, anyone?
7 // Add glamour to your Big Day with shiny, metallic nails.

7 // Golden paper flowers with diamante detail are stunning as table decor.
8 // You can spray leaves, twigs and flowers with gold spray paint for a quick and budget-friendly bouquet.
9 // Fill vases with sequins for a glittery addition to any table.
10 // Aren't these golden-bowed heels so cute?

11 & 12 // Embellish small elements such as pegs and envelopes with golden glitter.
13 & 14 // Be daring with your theme by choosing a gold wedding dress. They are oh-so-on-trend right now (see this post). If you want to go a more traditional route, let your bridesmaids have all the fun in metallic fabrics, but keep the dress style simple so as not to overpower your gown.

Picture Credits: All found in the links in the above paragraphs. 

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