Our {Dream} Weddings: Part II

If you've missed it, last month Kimmi and I put together a wild, fantasy list of what we would have at our no-budget, dream weddings. We went cray-cray with huge rings, elaborate dresses and one of a kind stationery. Step into Part 2 of our dream and see what our idea of a perfect ceremony space, reception space, table and cake would be! 
Filipa: For a long time I've always fancied the idea of getting married outdoors. I love nature and I especially love forests and woodlands. So something amongst or under trees would be absolutely perfect for me. 
Kim: I must admit that I'm not too certain about this one, and when it comes down to it, it will depend on a lot of factors. I went to a small chapel once in the Natal Midlands that was made almost entirely of glass and ever since then I've had this picture in my mind of being married in a place like that...I love the idea of a ceremony where people are seated to look onto the bride and groom saying their vows with a breathtaking landscape behind them (whether it be forest, mountain or beach).
Filipa: Again, I've always imagined an outdoor wedding and I love the look of rustic tables set up outside among vineyards or in a beautiful lush garden. It needs to be dark and there need to be loads of fairy lights, lanterns and candles lighting up the area. I love the idea of having it on a wine farm or chic restaurant. 
Kim: This may be a little cliché  but that's what weddings are for right? I'd love an evening reception that is a white fairytale wonderland, with an ethereal feel. I've always been a huge fan of beautiful, dim, subtle lighting...I've always had fairy lights or lanterns hanging in my bedroom, I just love them! I'd want my reception to be inside/undercover, but very open to the elements too. Lots of strands of hanging lights, candles in jars, paper lanterns, drop down chandeliers...for a romantic atmosphere. If you can picture this reception above but undercover, that's what I'd like. 
Filipa: I'm a fan of giving guests something they can eat. It's cheaper and it won't invade their house if it's something they don't like. To that effect, I'm a huge macaroon fan, and I think a small box of 2-3 macaroons would be a perfect thank you gift. 
Kim: I like the idea of wedding favours, but at the same time its hard because a lot of people don't appreciate the thought, time and money that you put into them. I love coffee - so I thought it would be so lovely to give away a special coffee blend (made by a local coffee maker) to all the guests to take home with them. And for those that don't like coffee, a hot chocolate or cafe mocha blend. I would present these in small, beautiful glass jars with tags.
Filipa: I haven't quite pinned down what I would want on my table, hence the very limited view of a picture. What I do know is that I would want something simple and classic, just like the above. How gorgeous! 
Kim: I adore glass, light, white linen, orchids, white Tiffany chairs, neutral beiges, golds, creams and greys... I'd want my table decor to look as light and fairytale-like as possible. But that's just what I like now - who knows what I'll like when I actually do have to make these decisions!
Filipa: I'm a fan of white and I'm a fan of flowers, so picture this cake exactly as is, but with white (probably pregnant looking) flowers. I love how they delicately move up the cake. So divine. And the cake would be a tier of chocolate cake with salted caramel icing, a cheesecake and a black forest cake with a vanilla cream. Yum. 
Kim: I've never found a picture of a cake that I love more than this one. The ruffled pieces that emulate flowers that go up the side of the cake are just so beautiful - and they look a lot like my choice of hanging orchid bouquet so its quite perfect. The type of cake would definitely be chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! I'm thinking a moist chocolate brownie cake, with a chocolate mousse and rich dark chocolate filling, then iced and decorated with white Belgian chocolate flowers.

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