Foodie Treats {Christmas Food Gift Guide}

Home made gifts sit very close to our hearts. What says I love you, appreciate you and celebrate you more than something that you took time and effort to make. So much thought goes into making something hand-made for someone and often, it's the more budget-friendly way to go. That's also why we simply love food gifts for Christmas. Christmas is all about the thought and attitude of giving and less about what you actually are giving. Home-made treats are inexpensive  impressive and can be really great stocking fillings. You can bake an entire batch of crunchies, for example, and distribute them among several gifts. Wrap them in beautiful wrapping and attach a printed recipe to them and you have a thoughtful and useful gift. Say no to bad perfume and shower gel combos and take a look at some of our favourite food gifts, hand picked to please even the hardest of customers! 

Almond Biscotti will always be a sure favourite as a food gift. They're versatile little biscuits that will last really long and so are perfect for gifts that might need to travel a little to get to their owners. Biscotti come in a variety of flavours, so you could always make two or three batches of different flavours and group them together. Get the recipe for the Almond Biscotti pictured above from here.
Best paired with: a local blend of ground coffee. We love the exotic blends from Dando coffees.
Food gifts almost always have to include fudge! It's a win win with this little recipe. We love the traditional twist on a normal fudge recipe, and with minimum ingredients, it's a sure fire win. These little beauties are too pretty to hide, so stack them up into towers and package with cellophane and pretty ribbon. Include the recipe on this one - your receivers will most definitely want to try them out themselves! 
Best Paired With: a jar of Marshmellow Creme. This is one of the core ingredients of this fudge and might be tricky for someone who's never cooked with it to find. They'll appreciate the extra thought! You can find Marshmellow Creme at any pick n pay or shoprite! 
Christmas isn't Christmas without some Gingerbread thrown in for good measure. We love this recipe for it's absolute simplicity. There are also some great tips in the comments section, so be sure to check it out! 
Best Paired With: A box of different tea blends. Biscuits and tea go hand in hand, so this is an obvious choice  Try choose some exotic teas with spicy notes, like Chai. 
Strawberry Jam is such a wonder to have tucked away in your fridge. Especially when it's home-made! This recipe is super simple to make and includes raspberries too - what a treat! Seal the jam in a beautiful jar with ribbons for a beautiful and practical gift! 
Best Paired With: The picture says it all! Pair this jam with some shop-bought (no one will know) scones. You recipient can tuck into some delicious warmed scones and jam on Christmas morning. What a treat! 

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