Our New Year's Resolutions {2013}

So we're not quite on time - in fact, we're on the downhill of January already (phew, time flies!) - but we thought we'd still share some of our New Year's Resolutions for 2013 with you, our readers. As we've told you all many times before, us Ruby girls are pretty darn alike (and if you didn't know that, read this and you'll find out why)...and so it comes as no surprise that our resolutions for this year are on a very similar wavelength. Some of them are specific to us individually but we've thrown them all together below, so you can try figure out whose is whose :)

We've never been strong believers in New Year's Resolutions - there's something that really annoys our A-type personalities about having a goal and not sticking to it. It's like writing something on a to-do list and not crossing it off for a whole year...eek, that just gives us the chills! But we're all human, and we all sometimes battle to break a certain habit or be disciplined. So while we don't think you should always wait 'til the next year to change something in your life, we do love the metaphor of a fresh new start that each new year brings. With that in mind, below is what we're amped to do to make sure our 2013 is a year we'll never forget!

What are some of your resolutions this year?
* Do things we don't usually do - be spontaneous!

* Let go of all the pettiness. It's really not worth the time and effort.

* Don't freak out about what is out of our control.

* Read more. Learn more.

* Save money and invest in some good quality key wardrobe items.

* Go away on mini-weekend breaks more often.

* Rather than criticise other people, celebrate their talents, and be happy about their accomplishments.

* Stop trying to multi-task all the time. 

* Travel.

* Let go of bad things in the past. It is pollution on our future.

* You are what you eat. Diet affects your mood and emotions, so eating well will make you feel great.

* Make time where we are not stimulated by technology (as bloggers and designers, this is difficult, because we are constantly at our computers).

* Try out new recipes.

* Learn how to use our fancy Nikon cameras and take really great pictures. We have both officially been horrendous with testing out our cameras and actually practising on them. So we vow this year to play around more, and make our photographs better than ever!

* Learn to live in the moment. Getting wrapped up in future plans makes you lose what is happening right now. Celebrate and be grateful for the every day moments - there are so many we don't see because we're too busy worrying about the next big thing.

* Learn to think before speaking.

* Dream big starting now..."Remember that ordinary people talk about their goals. Leaders get them done. With speed."

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