Boskke Inverted Sky Planters {Product Showcase}

We stumbled across Boskke sky planters on CityMob last week and just loved the originality of these inverted sky planters! They're modern, unique and a sure-fire way to jazz up any space in your home. 

Boskke Sky Planters are specially made with unique reservoirs that conserve water by slowly feeding it to the plant roots, so no more wasted water and nasty drainage puddles. With their home being the space above your head, precious counter space is saved, while allowing for something different to be on display. We love the look of the orchids and great big leafy ferns for area's in your lounge and bedroom. A series of herb sky planters would be ideal for above your kitchen workspace or on your balcony above an outside table. Boskke maintains that most plants will grow well in the inverted planters, but has a list of suggested plants to start off from like Anthuriums, English Ivy, Orchids, Geraniums, Fennel, Mint and Parsley.

You can find your very own sky planters for R500 from CityMob, or visit the Bosske website directly. 

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