{Our Week in Pictures} March 2013

Hong Kong is such a beautiful place, and the evidence is at dusk at the lake park in Tai Kok Tsui.
This week has been a week of catch-up reading. Text books, novels and magazines. And there's still a huge pile to get through! 
Kimmi said it best with this one: "South African feet, Indian shoes, Hong King territory".
This is a beautiful ring that a good friend of mine hand-made for me. Spoilt, right? She custom makes these bad boys, so send us a mail if you're interested in having one made!  
Kim has been showing off her great artistic eye lately with interesting shots at unique angles. Don't you love this shot of city reflections on skyscrapers in Tsim Sha Tsui?
This is a calendar that I bought a few months ago from Typo and this saying has gotten me through many an average week days! Why not make it your daily mantra? 

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