{Our Week in Pictures} March 2013

I went to the Hong Kong Sevens tournament this weekend, and needless to say, it was THE craziest event I have ever had the pleasure of attending! Pity South Africa didn't make it into the finals, but then again, who was really watching the rugby? :)
It was Filipa's dads wedding this weekend and she was lucky enough to see family from Portugal that she hadn't seen in years. Her uncle bought her this bright and colourful scarf. What a treat! 
The MTR Train stations in Hong Kong work like clockwork, and are very easy to access. I have used them a lot while travelling in this country, and the other day I couldn't help but take a picture of this little Asian girl captivated by her own reflection on the train's doors while waiting for the train to arrive.
Fil snapped some fun cloud shots while flying somewhere over South Africa on her way back from her dad's wedding (more of that to come!). 
On another day while waiting for my train to arrive, I had a cappuccino while reading a large book on my next destination in my travels: Beijing, China.

All photographs taken by Ruby & the Swallow Design Collective.

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