Week in Pictures {April 2013}

{Fil} After much deliberation in my head and a huge cup of coffee, I decided to reorganise my cosmetics while I was on a caffeine high. I have so many products lurking in the my cupboard - the extra breathing room has been a delight! 
{Kim} Since arriving in China, it feels like Kim has disappeared off the face of the planet. Ok, not really, we chat everyday on Whatsapp. But because of censorship laws over there, she can't get onto Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or even Blogger. Mad right? (Totally shows how we take social media for granted). She can still get onto Instagram (yippee), so follow her there for updates.
{Fil} Sometimes the best lunches come from a collection of random bits and pieces from your fridge. Our Saturday lunch spread included chicken fillets, biltong, melon, cottage cheese and my favourite, lupins - a traditional Portuguese snack that I've grown up having. They're the yellow little jewels in the bowl. Give them a try - you'll be surprised at how tasty and addictive these bad boys can be! 
{Kim} The view from Kim's flat where she is staying in Wudaokou, China. Don't know about you, but I would have serious vertigo living that high up - and this is only the 21st floor of forty floors!
{Fil} Call me what you like, but one of many obsessive habits is to never throw a magazine away without chopping out images that I appreciate / like / want. I inherited this habit from my sister and have been doing it since before I was a teenager. I recently finished one of my books and secretly can't wait to get started on my new one. I don't know what's worse - the fact that I do this, or the fact that my pages are colour coded! 
{Kim} Beijing by night is very pretty - I love the lights of the city.

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