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As you all know, our blog has changed drastically awesomely in the last week and we're sporting a fab new look that we are absolutely in love with! We thought you might like to know the in's and out's of our new brand, and why Ruby + Swallow has come to be what it is today.

Ruby (as we affectionately call it) started out as a conversation in a car - talking about weddings, about what we loved and about how epic it would be to be able to do what we loved. From there, one conversation lead to another over many a cappuccino, and before we knew it, the blog was born. It's been a crazy one and a half years and we've loved every minute of it - we hope you have too!

For the second half of this year, it started to become really important to us that we focus more on our business offering and consolidating our brand vision. We have experienced such good feedback with the client base that we've built up over the past year, and we are finally ready to take it to the next level. We wanted Ruby + Swallow to be a blog that captures our creativity as designers, as well as being a space for our business to flourish and grow.

The next level began with our redesign, and first on the list was the change of our name from Ruby & the Swallow Design Collective to Ruby + Swallow. We are all about simplifying, de-cluttering and making our little corner on the web as beautiful and as simple as it can be. Our new look is fresh, current and most of all a perfect reflection of our personal design aesthetics. We've chosen minimalistic colours for our branding, so that our blog and portfolio content can really come to life. Clean, simple fonts, lots of white space and well-organised sections, means that your experience as our readers is the best it can be.

Along with our new look, we've adapted a new strategy for our business to grow our client base and make the most of our skills as graphic designers. We do wedding stationery. And honestly, we do it damn well. Every piece of stationery is handmade with love by the Ruby Team, right from the bespoke designs we offer each client, to the last ribbon that we tie around each invite. No wedding is too big or too small for us. As well as weddings, we also do other events like bridal showers, baby showers and kid's birthday parties. If you need a designed and printed item for your special event, we can provide it! From cupcake banners, to party favours, from food and drink labels, to entire event styling - we do it and we do it with love, gratitude and thought. Our core business is about keeping our designs on trend, as well as keeping our customers happy, with a strong focus on customer service, competitive prices and attention to detail.

But we'll let our work speak for itself - and that's what this blog is all about. Sharing our thoughts, snippets of our lives and of course, the work we lovingly pour ourselves into for each and every client. So take a look at our portfolio page, explore our site and enjoy every moment you spend with us. Because every moment you spend here enjoying yourself, makes it all the more worthwhile for us.

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