Wedding Invitations: Danielle + Matthew

Hi Rubies, Filipa here! Recently I had the pleasure and the privilege of being the maid of honour at one of my best friends weddings. Danielle and I have known each other for close onto 7 years now and I was thrilled to hear of her and Matthew's engagement. What was even more exciting was that they weren't just going to have any old wedding; they were going to have a secret one and what's more - it was all going to be planned in one month! Dan enlisted us to design their wedding invitation in a fun, info-graphic styled way. We disguised the wedding as an engagement party and used a fun palette of purple, mint green, coral and gray.
For the rest of the wedding we designed simple stationery items in the same pallette but with a custom Protea monogram made just for Dan and Matt. But as with all good things in life, you'll have to wait to see those items a little later! 

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