Our weekend in pictures

It just so happened that both of us took well-deserved breaks this past weekend! Between being in Johannesburg and the Drakensberg, lots of fun and relaxing was had - and of course our trusty iPhones and S3's were there along the way to document it all. For those of you who follow us on Instagram (or Twitter), you may have seen some of these already; for those of you don't - follow us already! 

A few highlights - Arts on Main, never-ending Drakensberg mountains, Fil's mom's cooking, gorgeous sunsets, and not pictured here: Fil's little nephew Connor (he's so cute, he would take up a post on his own!). Follow us on @Fil_RubySwallow and @Kim_RubySwallow on Instagram and Twitter for daily updates. We hope your weekend was as good as ours!

*All photos taken on our phone cameras*

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