Wedding & Function App Launch

We’re fans of anything that will make the lives of brides-to-be easier. Whether it’s clever beauty tips and tricks or easy DIY’s; anything that will make planning a wedding less complicated gets tops marks in our books. 

That’s why we were so thrilled to hear that local wedding publication, Wedding and Function, has released an APP. Yip, their very own app designed specially for all the South African and Natal brides-to-be out there! 

Wedding and Function is a great magazine to have handy if you’re planning a wedding - it’s packed to the brim with all sorts of supplier information; from venues, to caterers to make-up artists and even lawyers.  With over 5 years of successful publications and franchises in Cape Town, Eastern Cape and Gauteng (to name a few), it really is an ideal directory to have handy. So imagine all this information right at your finger tips through you phone. 

The app is available through IOS, Blackberry and Android platforms and is free to download. We downloaded it ourselves to have a better look and were so impressed with how easy this nifty little app is to navigate. There are a number of great features that come with it - all aimed at making your planning process as smooth as possible.

The app consists of a collection of the latest Wedding and Function magazines available for you to download. Click on the thumbnail to download the latest issue and it will appear  in your personal library. From there, you can navigate the magazine and zoom into crystal clear images of the supplier and vendor adverts while you’re out and about. And to reach a suppliers details; simply click on their advert and you will be directed to their website. Nify huh? 

This is a simple and easy to use app that we recommend any bride-to-be download. Being able to access loads of different suppliers from one simple platform is so convenient and such a great tool to use. Be sure to check out the Wedding and Function website for their comprehensive database and check out their newly revamped Facebook page, which is packed with updates on local bridal fairs, events and specials. 

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