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This past weekend was a super eventful one for Filipa and I. A few weeks ago, Colombo Coffee sent us an invitation for a Durban bloggers event they were going to host called Bloggers Love Coffee. If you know anything about me, you'll know that I am obsessed with  love coffee. We also both love meeting other bloggers too, so we were very excited for this event!

Needless to say, it was thoroughly well organised by the Colombo Coffee team, and we spent the morning learning from Durban's top baristas, attempted to become coffee connoisseurs ourselves, enjoyed a delicious lunch and got to open yummy gift bags afterwards. We were in exceptionally good hands with Dan and Arno (who both won first place in different divisions at the National Barista Champs), and Fil and I were lucky enough to be seated next to Dan so we could bug him with lots of questions about everything that was being shown to us (luckily he didn't seem to mind).

What we learnt at Colombo Coffee:
- A coffee bean is actually a seed.
- The seed to cup process is extremely complex and involved, much more so than we realised!
- Coffee is the world's second most popular beverage (after water).
- Coffee beans or ground coffee should never be refigerated like we're told, as it dehydrates the coffee.
- The louder and more aggressively you 'slurp' the coffee when cupping, the better then coffee will spray over your taste buds, and this will give you the best flavour.
- Every time you drink good coffee, you should remember how long it took to get from the coffee bean to your cup.
- Fil is really good at being able distinguish between the different aromas of the cupped coffee (I on the other hand, was not!).
- A double shot kept me nice and awake, while a single shot made Fil get the jitters! (she usually sticks to decaf only).
- Passionate people are the best people to be around. We were so in awe of how Dan and Arno are so passionate about coffee!

You learn something new every day... and learning about the coffee cupping process at Bloggers Love Coffee was no exception. Thanks for a splendid morning guys!

Every Friday Colombo Coffee is hosting a public cupping at 3pm, an initiative to bring customers closer to the coffee Colombo has on offer. It will be free and anyone can come. To book a spot email Arno on Spaces are limited.

All images taken by Ruby+Swallow and are not subject to being used without permission.

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