October Obsessions

1. The side braid - Us Ruby girls luuurve a side braid! Whether your plait is loose and messy or tight and neat, they are perfect for any occasion.

2. Shelf styles - We're always looking for new ways to display different d├ęcor and 'nik nak' elements at home, and we love how they look on differently styled shelves.

3. Scalloped flats -  Now that Summer is almost upon us, we're obsessed with the cute look of sandal flats with a scalloped trim.

4. Copper & emerald - This moody colour palette combines Pantone's Colour of the Year and copper. Isn't it just gorgeous?

5. Herb garden - Cooking with fresh herbs is just so much better! And that's why we're obsessing over different ways to plant herbs in a little herb garden.

6. Bulb string lighting - Who doesn't love a string of lights at night? We love the old-school type of bulb lighting with frosted decor lamps.

Image credits in links above.

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