DIY Fringe Bunting Tutorial

This is the perfect DIY if you are in a rush and don't have the patience to sit and measure or cut things perfectly. We are confident that anyone could crack bunting like this in under half an hour. So if you're into DIY's that are quick, fast, easy and high impact; then carry on reading!

Step 1 - Cut your two stacks of crepe paper into retangles. Bear in mind that you will be folding these rectangles in half; so make sure the longest side of your rectangle is double the height you want your bunting to be. We wanted to 12cm high bunting and so cut our bunting to be 24cm x 20cm. The heights and shapes are completely up to you - if you prefer longer bunting, cut it accordingly. Crepe paper can be tricky to cut as it tends to stretch a lot. Don't worry though - this bunting is loose and fast remember? Skew lines and uneven sides won't show, so cut away!

Step 2 - Fold your bunting in half to create smaller rectangles. Open the the rectangle after you've folded it and run some glue along the fold line. Don't glue the entire area, you just need some along the fold line.

Step 3 - Place you twine along the glued crease and press down lightly. Make sure that you leave at least half a metre of twine on the outer edge of your first rectangle so that you can hang the bunting up. Bring the other half of the crepe paper over the twine and press down lightly to secure. Crepe paper loves glue, so it should stick nice and tightly.

Step 4- Continue sticking your rectangles onto your length of twine until you have created the bunting to the length that you want. We used three finger widths between each of our rectangles when applying them to our string - but you can do whatever you like the look of best. Once everything is glued on, cut the rectangles into strips as shown above. Don't cut them all the way to the top so as to avoid cutting the string. Again, don't worry about cutting perfectly even strips - the big picture look of this bunting allows room for a bit of unevenness!
We love the relaxed approach to this DIY - it's easy to do and something you can definitely get the kids involved in. There are so many variations of colours you can do with this bunting too. Why not close the gaps between the rectangles and create a ombre effect of bunting by starting with a dark shade of colour and working your way to a light one? We love the idea of a rainbow themed version for kids birthday parties. This bunting would also fit in perfectly with a baby shower brunch or even a fun, brightly coloured Mexican fiesta lunch!

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