Our Month in Pics

We said this last month, but we'll say it again - the past four weeks have been crazy busy for us! In the downhill to the end of 2013, LOTS has been happening and keeping us on our toes - but all in a great and exciting way of course. Here's a recap:

- We hosted an awesome Christmas Giveaway and we got a great response from all of you! We will have to think of something even bigger and better for next year.

- We have two December babies in the Ruby family - this month it was Kim and Fil's sweet nephew Connor's birthdays. Fil went up to Joburg last weekend for Connor's first birthday, and she made up some cute under-the-sea decor for his party - adorable right?!

- The Ruby Team has been extremely busy in the past month wrapping up wedding stationery for our clients before we shut down this week. We've delivered four sets of stationery in the past two weeks, and we have been thrilled with the results - they are all so different to each other, and so uniquely perfect for our brides.

- The girls at The Ruby Orchard sent us some lovely snail mail for Christmas, which was so thoughtful! They sponsored part of Christmas Giveaway and we also did a local business feature on the shop here.

- Kim has been busy with preparations for bumper-to-bumper Christmas night Markets at the Square. The last night market for the year is being held this Friday, 20th December - we hope to see some of your friendly faces there!

- Fellow blogger, Kelly Lubbee, organised a super fun Blogger Secret Santa and we loved taking part and took our present-giving very seriously :) Below you'll see a beautifully wrapped pressie that we received. What a great way to get the festive season started!

- In the last month, both of us have taken lovely weekend trips to the Midlands Meander. And what a beautiful place that is! We are so lucky that it's on our doorstep, as there are so many beautiful treasures to find there. Filipa swears by the cheesecake with bitter cream cheese frosting from Terbedore Coffee Roasters in the Midlands. You should try it!

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