Fil's Birthday Wish List

Oh my, but I do adore putting these lists together! A virtual collection of all my heart's desires - such fun! Since I'll be traveling to Europe this year on a long due holiday, most of my wish list items are centered around travel goodies.  There are of course the birthday wish list staples like perfume, handbags and jewellery!

1 - I am a HUGE fan of perfume and I always love adding to my collections. In one week this January I came to the end of three of my bottles of perfume *sob* and so I am in desperate need of a top up. I've used DKNY Pure before and absolutely loved it. It's a perfect work-day, daily perfume. Calvin Klein Beauty is another firm favourite of mine and is just all kinds of heaven in a bottle. 

2 - I've been a fan of local jewellery company Dear Rae for some time now and I adore this Sun and Moon ring - isn't it gorgeous? 

3 - Traveling calls for super comfortable shoes that allow for hours of comfortable walking. I've got my eyes set on a classic pair of white Superga's. White converse would do just as well too! 

4 - I'm adopting a very much back-to-basics approach with my style this year and a pair of black Havaianas would be the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. 

5 - I suffer terribly from shoulder and neck pain, so a one-shoulder bag or handbag for my holiday would be a huge no no. That's where this sweet polka dot back pack from Cotton On comes in. It's cute, practical and will be kind to my back. 

6 - Don't get me wrong, I love my Tan handbag, but it's starting to show some wear and tear and is sometimes just a little too big and bulky. This year I'm looking for something black, minimal and stiff to be my perfect work companion. I love this version. 

7 - I love the idea of carrying a travel journal around with me. I scrap book my magazines all the time (I know don't judge) and so I do the same with all the memento's I gather when on holiday. This journal is perfect for storing these mementos and jotting down my thoughts.

8 - It's an eye mask and it has the Eiffel Tower on it and it's awesome. Not sure what more I could say about it! 

9 - I adore this travel wallet from Cotton On. It's got divided pockets for all the little bits and pieces you need when hopping from plane, to train, to bus and so on. The laser cut detailing on the front is right up my alley and exactly my style. 

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