Real Wedding: Katie + David

Written by: Kim

I'm so happy to be sharing Katie and David's special day with you, as Katie is a good friend of mine, and it was a truly magical day to be a part of! Katie is also the owner/photographer behind Summertown Pictures and she helped us with our brand overhaul last year with this amazing photo shoot of Filipa and myself. So for once, it was divine seeing Katie in front of the camera on her wedding day, where she happens to fit in quite well!

Katie and David gave themselves only three months to plan their wedding, and there couldn't have been a better and more relaxed couple to make that decision. Katie is any wedding coordinator's dream, being the most chilled bride and letting everyone work their magic. About a month before her wedding, I asked Katie how she would feel if it rained on her big day in September, being rainy season in Natal and all. I'll never forget her answer: "I'd actually love it if it rained - imagine how beautiful the photos will be?". Spoken like a true photographer herself! She ended up receiving both her wishes: rain, and magical wedding photos! They were taken by Katie's good friend Sassy (of Assassynation photography), who flew out all the way from the UK to shoot this beautiful Midlands wedding and equally beautiful couple.

There's so much more I could say about this wedding - from the stunning venue, to the uniqueness of a 'day wedding' - but I'll let Katie tell you herself. We hope you enjoy their story and photographs!

Full names of the bride and groom: Katie-Lee and David Wisdom
Date and year of your wedding: 27/10/2013
Venue: The Cairn of Old Kilgobbin
Colour and/or Theme: Vintage country-chic


So what’s your love story? 
We met at University in first year, but only got together in 4th year. He remembers exactly what I was wearing he day we met. I don't remember how we met at all! I do remember that I gave him a bit of a run around and that there was a lot of geeky dancing at Crowded House before we eventually hooked up ;)

How did he propose? 
On a rare sunny day after a jog in England! This was after he had been sitting on the ring for about 3 months ;)

What was the best lesson you learnt through planning your wedding? 
Don't sweat the small stuff! The more you sweat the small stuff the less you enjoy your day. And believe me the day goes in a flash. Be chilled about everything and your day will be lovely.

Any tips for brides to be? 
It is imperative you choose a great venue that you really connect with. Your venue should then have brilliant recommendations for catering, flowers, and decor. etc Go with those suggestions and don't be stubborn in trying to find other suppliers unless it is really important to you that you do so! Venues work really well with suppliers they do regular work with, and it ultimately makes for a much smoother day.

Don't be afraid to order your dress online. as long as they provide measurements for it.

Delegate to your friends, bridesmaids and family! This is the one day you get to just relax and have people to do things like make you tea and paint your nails.

Don't spend too much time on Pinterest otherwise you will feel like you HAVE to hang lace and lanterns from the trees, when in reality your won't actually spend that much time anywhere near the trees.

If your photographer wants to take you away from your guests to do photos, don't groan! Because you won't regret having those photos later on.

Lastly, have a day wedding, they're way cooler than afternoon weddings!

How did you decide on the colour or theme of your wedding? 
People kept asking me before the wedding what my colour scheme was and I really couldn't say. Because our venue was set in the country it seemed only right to have an eclectic mix of country vintage decor. The same principal was applied to the bridesmaids dresses in that I found some really cute striped, plain and gingham light blue material, that I had made into three different styles. I guess the palate of colours consisted of pastels and browns, and absolutely no orange.

How involved was your husband or family in the wedding planning? 
Quite! The whole wedding was a combined effort. David even went so far as to keep his and his groomsmen's outfits a surprise.

What would you change about your wedding day if you could? 
Nothing! I loved every minute!

Were there any elements of your wedding that you did yourself? 
Not really to be honest! One of the major attractions for me with our venue is that not only do they have loads of decor on site but the venue co-ordinator is amazing at putting it all together, including the flowers. So I gave her a very vague idea of what we like and then let her work her magic! Best decision we ever made!

Did anything unexpected or extra special happen on your wedding day that surprised you and your husband? (Or just you!) 
The Crabapple Chapel has this beautiful glass wall at the end of the building, and while we were signing the registry in front of it one of our friend's decided to photo bomb this rather serious moment by running outside and jumping about behind us. Also, a random Jack Russel decided to join in the ceremony.

What was your wedding song? 
We didn't really have one. Too many to choose from!

What was the flavour of your cake? 
My mum made chocolate cupcakes with our age old secret family recipe.

Did you go on Honeymoon? And if so, where did you go? 
Kruger National Park. We have a particularly good story about a leopard that came running for me in the passenger seat of our open-windowed car. Apart from that, it was a really relaxing time.


Chapel: Crabapple Chapel {}
Venue: The Cairn of Old Kilgobbin  {}
Coordinator: Carl Bronner
Photographer: Sassy of Assassynation (based in the UK) {}
Decor: The Cairn of Old Kilgobbin
Stationery: Kim Walsh of Ruby + Swallow
Dress (including bridesmaids dresses):
Wedding dress: online from and dresses made by Jill Perry (0741727238).
Hair: Martie Nel (0713546129)
Flowers: Kerry Dinkelman of Kerry's Flowers and Decor (
Catering: Margie Harel from the Aubergine Cookery Studio in Pietermaritzburg (083 2323 140)
Cake: my mum!
Favours: Beaded Swizzle Sticks by Helio Beads (, 0721170017)

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