V-Day Tags: Free Printable!

So, we've got a little confession to make. We're not big into Valentine's Day. Like, at all. Our feeling is that if there is someone to celebrate it with, then great. If not, who cares - make it a girls night! V-Day is an over-commercialised holiday making so many people feel bad all the world over. So don't spend money this V-Day! If you'd like to give your family or your girlfriends a gift, finish them off with our awesome free printable tags that you can download HERE.

The best thing is... they don't have to be used just for V-Day. We boycotted the red, pink and white this year and designed them in fun pastels so that they're suitable all year round. If you want to boycott this holiday, the tags are also perfect for other fun occasions and 'just because' gifts.

The process is easy. Download the PDF printable HERE. Print it onto cardboard. Cut along the edges of the tags. Punch a hole in the top of the tag (as per the images below). Add some ribbon, and attach to your gift. And voilĂ ! We hope you enjoy them - and if you use them, take a picture and use our #rubyandswallow hashtag so we can see them :)

Printable is for private use only and is copyrighted to Ruby + Swallow. Not to replicated for commercial gain.

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