March Obsessions

1. Bustier Wedding Dresses - There is something about the defined shape around the waist that is so utterly feminine and playful. We just love it!

2. Painted CeilingsWe've spoken about this before in this post, but it's a trend that we keep coming back to and loving. It's a great way of bringing a pop of colour into your room without committing to painting the entire room and it makes a cold and airy room more inviting. It's also a less expensive way of giving a room a little makeover. 

3. Ombre Hair - So this trend has been around for a while now, but we just adore it. It's such an easy way to give yourself a makeover! How great does it look on socialite Lauren Conrad (pictured above)?

4. MacaroonsOk, so we're always obsessed with them! But this is a special month because Filipa will be visiting Paris in April and has her heart set on trying one from the city macaroons originated from.

5. Printed Arm Chairs -  We're always lusting after these when browsing through decor shops. We love the way the print on a chair can bring a pop of excitement into the decor of a house, whether it's a lounge or bedroom.

6. Origami Birds - Origami was such a huge trend in weddings last year, and we think the idea of hanging strings of origami birds is so cute!

Picture Credits: In the links above. 

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