Obsessions: A little taste of Europe

Kim and I were lucky to have a few stress-free days set aside this past April for some serious holiday making. Kim jetted off to Cape Town for a week - take a look at her post here. It's full of things to see and do in Cape Town - perfect if you're visiting the city for the first time. I was lucky enough to go on a mini European trip around Portugal, Barcelona in Spain and Nice and Paris in France. Here are some of my highlights from the trip.

1 - We spent a lot of time explore Cascais, a town just outside Lisbon. It's full of these winding and narrow old roads that are steeped in history and tradition. We loved exploring these alley ways and coming across loads of different restaurants, patisseries and coffee shops. The Cascais coast line is gorgeous too and we will definitely return in the Summer!
2 - Lisbon was full of incredible view points, just like this one the Miradouro das Portas do Sol. We had such fun exploring the city on foot. This city is alive, cosmopolitan and so vibrant. Portugal is such a gem of a country to visit, and so underrated! Being by far the cheapest country we visited out of the three, we would recommend it to anyone. Head down south towards the Algarve in the Summer and you'll have a holiday worth remembering. For all you history buffs, Porto is a city that you just have to visit. We were blown away with all the incredible architecture and nothing quite prepares you for your first site of the magnificent River Douro
3 - Our next stop was Barcelona and we knew that we had to explore the La Boqueria market just off the famous La Rambla. We loved this city for it's vibrancy, it's energy and for its melting pot of cultures and people. Barcelona feels like a country on it's own and is definitely on my list to see again.
4 - Nice, France was our next point of call and the Nice Flower and Food Market was a memorable experience for me. In this part of the world, food market's aren't an exception to the norm or a thing to do, they're a way of life. We explored the markets a lot and often bought our food straight from the locals - a fresh loaf of bread from one stall, some cheese from another and some fresh cold meat from another made for our most memorable lunch.
5 - The Nice coastline reminded me a lot of Cape Town's coast line. Crystal blue waters hugged by vast cliffs and mountains. We enjoyed the difference of a sand-free beach - no sand in dodgy places makes for a welcome change!
6 - One of our first views of the grand Eiffel Tower when we arrived in Paris for the last leg of our trip. No matter how many times you've seen it, nothing quite prepares you when you see it creeping up from behind some trees. It's truly a marvel and we were treated to this view from our hotel everyday!

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