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The Perfect Day is an online wedding store that launched in April 2014, and all products are created by local South African designers (which we love!). Brides get to have beautiful one-of-a-kind wedding items, including handcrafted wedding accessories, decor, jewellery and favours, as well as support local designers. Owners of the website have mentioned the need together the local designer and the bride-to-be, as there are so many exquisite wedding products made locally that were going unnoticed. The Perfect Day came about as a desire was to put all these beautiful products in one online store making them easily accessible to brides around the country.

If you're a small creative business owner who creates products related to a bride and her wedding day, this might be just the online store for your shop to get listed. Drop The Perfect Day a mail with some pictures of your products - it's as easy as that!

We've interviewed the owners of The Perfect Day as well as picked a few of our favourites from the store. Pop on over there to find your favourites!

1. Ivory Lace Robe with Personalised Embroidery  //  2. Brass Heart Stacking Ring  //  3. Windmills  //  4. Wooden Dolls  //  5. Heart Shaped Boards

What is your business name and is there a meaning behind it?
The Perfect Day - Because every girl wants their wedding day to be the perfect day! And now they can have their perfect day with a website making all the details they dream of available to them in one place.

Did your business start off as a hobby or has it been a dream of yours since you were younger?
The local designer and the bride-to-be are the inspiration for the website. There was a driving need to somehow bring the two together. There are so many exquisite wedding products made locally without one place you can purchase them from. The website was born out of the need to bring the two together in one beautiful, simple platform.

Tell us about your business in three words
Handcrafted Wedding Accessories.

Tell us about your products in detail
The products on the website are designed by creative and talented local designers from around South Africa. All the beautiful items are centered around the details of a brides perfect wedding day. The variety of items available fit many different categories such as wedding décor, bridal accessories, favors, stationery, bridesmaids gifts, photo props and more. All items can be ordered through the website, paid for once, and then posted directly to the beautiful bride before her special day.

Why would/should people buy your products?
Because a bride can now turn their inspiration boards into a reality! As a bride you can create an inspiration board and actually have the things you dream of be a part of your wedding day. Whether customized cake toppers, handcrafted headpieces or delicately designed décor you can create your perfect day your perfect way. You can put together all the ideas you love on your dream board and then make a purchase of them on one site at one time. Because the products are handmade they are unique and one-of-a-kind. Your love for your partner is one of a kind and you want your wedding day to show it. What better way than with wedding products handcrafted with love, care and devotion just for you.

How do you market your business?
Through online wedding websites such as The Little Pink Book, Oh Darling Days and South Bound Bride (all in the process of featuring The Perfect Day). Through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. And of course through beautiful blogs like Ruby + Swallow…thank you ladies!!

Where are you based?
The website is based nationally. Wherever you are your order comes to you.

What inspires your creative process?
The beautiful and creative products! It is overwhelming when you see the quality of products created by South African designers. The originality and exquisiteness of their designs are beyond impressive. Spreading the demand for their products in order to encourage these talented individual’s to keep doing what they doing is what inspires our creative process.

What do you see in the future for The Perfect Day in the next few years?
We see The Perfect Day becoming South Africa’s most popular online store for handcrafted wedding supplies. And then moving on to become the worlds most popular handcrafted store for wedding supplies (if you’re going to have a vision might as well make it big!).

The motivation behind this goal is to create such a high demand for local products sold through the website. This would mean that designers would have to employ more people to help them with creating orders, and possibly even turn their hobbies into full time businesses. If the website can assist people in spending their life working at what they love The Perfect Day would have achieved what it set out to when the idea was dreamt up.

How can people get hold of you?
Through the contact page on the website, email, phone call or facebook. We love to hear from you!
Website: www.theperfectday.co.za
Email: info@theperfectday.co.za
Call: +27827547685
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theperfectdaysa

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