Ruby + Swallow Business Cards

If you follow us on Pinterest, you would've noticed that we have a whole board dedicated to business stationery. We're mildly obsessed. So when it came to creating our own business cards, we knew that run-of-the-mill just wouldn't cut it. After all, stationery is what we do and our business cards are sometimes the first impression clients get of our work. We originally created these business cards as a once-off for a bridal fair that we took part in, but it was such a pleasure receiving compliments about them, that we decided to keep them for a little longer.

We knew that we wanted our business cards to have a range of features that made them stand out just a little differently. For that, we added rounded corners and lined the sides of the business cards in a bright neon coral. We got a great response from this technique and when the cards are stacked together, they really shine out like a beacon of prettiness. We chose a stark white linen-textured paper, both to display the various papers that we can source for clients as well to lend our cards a premium feel. To finish the cards off, we popped a picture of ourselves onto the backs. We found this important - it's always great to put a face to the names behind Ruby + Swallow, and we've found that so many people have remembered us this way! We love that the front of the card is more professional, and the back is slightly quirky. What do you think?

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