Engagement Shoot: Mandy and Mark

We've always had a soft spot for Carmen Roberts and her photography. We've met her once before and she is just a delight! We've also featured Carmen's work on the blog and who could forget Rohland and Sabrina's gorgeous wedding! So, when Mandy and Mark's wedding pictures popped up on our screens, we just knew that we had to share them with all our readers. But like all good things worth the wait, let's go back to the beginning and see their engagement shoot pictures first!

The Basics
The Couple: Mandy and Mark
Date of Engagement: 25 August 2012

The Details
So what's your love story?
Mark was a manager at a retail company and worked with my friends boyfriend. I used to go to his store all the time and he would tell my friends boyfriend about this girl that always came in and that he liked. One day, they were standing together when I walked in and Mark pointed me out. My friends boyfriend found this hilarious and told me about Mark. It was my birthday soon, so I told him to invite Mark to come along. I met him on the night of my party and the rest, as they say, is history. That was almost 8 years ago!

How did he propose?
We went up to Sani Valley for the weekend. It was great -  we went up Sani Pass and played in the snow (one of my favourite things)! The next day we went for a picnic in the mountains and I was convinced that if it was going to happen that weekend, it would be then. But, nothing happened! When we got back to the lodge after the picnic, there were roses, champagne and chocolates set up in the bedroom and he proposed then!
Did anything unexpected or special happen during the proposal?
He was very shy and couldn't get the question out!

Why do you think Engagement Shoots are important? 
I  think any photoshoot is important - I want to have as many as I can. It captures that moment in your life that you can never get back. As a child, I used to love going through all my parents old photos and I want the same for my kids one day, and for us to look back on when we are old.

How did you decide where you wanted to shoot your engagement pictures? 
I have always loved rustic, barn-like areas and even though I have never owned (or ridden) a horse, I wanted horses in my photos. I think it's because I love animals so much. I also wanted a bit of the beach as we weren't getting married near the beach. Carmen was great at picking out location spots - I loved all her options!

What do you plan on doing with these pictures? 
I used some of the pictures in my wedding for a different kind of guest book.

What was your favourite part about doing this shoot? 
I love photos. So anytime I can be in them, I'm happy. Mark on the other hand hates photos but he had to play along.

Service Providers
Venue: Stables in Amanzimtoti and Amanzimtoti beach
Photographer: Carmen Roberts
Decor or Props: Chalk Board heart from Mr Price Home
Dress / Outfits: Polka Dot Dress - YDE and Denim Dress from Mr Price
Hair: Warren from Tanya and Warren
Make Up: Melissa Richardson

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