July Obsessions

Scandinavian Interior Design - Open spaces, minimal but bold colour use and loads of textures - our version of a little slice of heaven!

New York "And New York is the most beautiful city in the world? It is not far from it. No urban night is like the night thereā€¦. Squares after squares of flame, set up and cut into the aether. Here is our poetry, for we have pulled down the stars to our will." We think Ezra Pound summed that up quite nicely?

Durban Winters - We both didn't grow up in Durban and have only lived here for the last few years, so these amazing Durban winters are relatively new to us. With very little rain, gorgeous temperatures and little humidity, this must be the best place to live in during winter in South Africa!

Chocolate Brownie Recipe - We are both chocolate addicts, and we're always in search of a recipe for the perfect chocolate brownie! You know the one: a brownie with a crisp outside, gooey centre, full of real chocolate. We haven't tried the recipe in the link yet, but from the picture, it looks yummy!

Red Lips - There's nothing quite as fun as adding a bold red lip to complete an outfit. We love bold shades that pop!

Nude Heels - We love this go-to colour for an instant glam update to any outfit. Nude heels will match any outfit and make a last minute outfit come together just like that.

All image credits in the links above.

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