Wedding Trend - Naked Cakes

It goes without saying - cake often goes to waste at weddings. Guests have already eaten dessert and are full or they are too busy busting up the dance floor to notice your beautifully iced mountain of sponge waiting to be devoured. We are seeing more and more brides opting to serve their cakes as the sole dessert, or, serving their cake straight after the wedding ceremony as an afternoon tea. Emerging as a hot trend for 2014 are naked cakes. That is, cakes with little or no icing, leaving them 'exposed'. We think this trend is gorgeous - especially if, like us, the sickly sweet icing can become a bit too much. Don't get it wrong, these cakes are far from boring, take a look at some beautiful examples below. 

Keys to nailing this trend: 
1. A cake with no icing isn't the idea - make sure the layers between your sponges are filled with something delicious and moist
2. Decorate your cake using fruits or drapings of flowers for a laid back country feeling 
3. Dark chocolate sponge pairs beautifully with the rich colours of berries 
4. Opt for a lighter sponge if your wedding colours are feminine and consist of mostly pastels 
5. Change up your sponge layers and alternate between chocolate and vanilla for some variety 
6. Fill your cake layers with icing and fruit for extra texture and appeal 

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