Wedding Trend: Wreaths of Love

Wreaths and floral garlands are gracing weddings with their presence like never before. From wedding aisles, to ceilings, to tables and chairs, they add instant whimsy and romance to wherever they are adorned. We absolutely love this trend - and we think you will too!

Garlands and wreaths aren't just for Christmas time anymore. They come in all shapes and sizes and don't just have to be stuck to a door! Who says flowers need to be put on a table? For a dramatic centrepiece, you can suspend large floral wreaths over your tables instead. Wreaths and half wreaths work well to add a special touch to your guests' chairs, and the bride and groom's chairs would look absolutely gorgeous adorned in greenery and blooms. We did a post on floral crowns a while back, and this is the perfect way to bring this trend into your bridal party. The possibilities are endless!
No.1: Bride & Groom with Large Wreath  //  No.2: Wreath Wrapped Wedding Cake  //  No.3: Wreath Illustrated Stationery  //  No.4: Mini Heart Wreath Place Setting  //  No.5: Flower Crown  //  No.6: Wreath-adorned Chairs  //  Centre Image: Garland

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