August Obsessions

The Perfect Desk Space - Nothing makes you want to work a little more than pretty and well organised desk space. This month we've been searching for clever ways to store paper, packaging, ribbon and more, as well making our desk areas attractive.

Wallpaper City Guides - Besides being attractive to look at, we love these guide books for their informative tips and great illustrations. Plus, once you've collected a few they start to really sit pretty on any shelf!

Protea's will always be top on our list of indigenous flowers - they brighten up any space, last really long and make us proudly South African!

Triangl Swimwear seems to be all the rage on our Pinterest and blog feeds lately. Characterised by bold neon colours with black trims, these bikini's seem to be the go-to accessory for this coming Summer.

Shift Dresses - with the longer sleeves and loose fit, the shift dress is perfect to dress up or down, for winter or summer. They're even better with bold prints such as aztech, paisley or geometric.

Glitter Heels - we just can't seem to get enough of pretty, nude glitter heels. They are the perfect party accessory and make for gorgeous wedding shoes!

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