Local Business Feature: Esque

We love featuring local businesses. Today's featured business couldn't be more local for us - the two founders of Esque live in Durban, and we're lucky enough to know them in person. So what is Esque exactly? It is a new online store that houses high quality and design-focussed homeware pieces. You can shop and pay for everything online and the items are shipped straight to your doorstep.
Online shopping is becoming bigger and bigger in South Africa, and it is really revolutionising the way we shop. Gone are the days when we have to actually head to a mall to look for goodies for our homes or for gifts - we can do almost everything online, with a cup of tea or glass of wine firmly by our sides!

What will you find at Esque? Well, anything from furniture, lighting, and decor accessories. All items have been so beautifully curated, and they are not the types of pieces that you'll find in any homeware shop. We interviewed the two founders of Esque, Nikki and Kylie, and below is what they had to tell us about their new business. Go and have a look at this beautiful new store online here.

What is your business name and is there a meaning behind it?
Esque, which means ‘of a style’.

Tell us about your business in three words.

Tell us about your products in detail.
We have tried to offer a range of homeware that stretches from small décor items (such as ceramics) to large pieces of furniture, so everything one would need to fully kit out their home. We have developed a list of ‘criteria’, this is a list of words that all our products filter through. Only products that tick all these boxes will be featured on our site.

- High Quality
- Design focused/well designed
- Classy
- Vibey
- Unique

Why would/should people buy your products?
We select only the best products from local designers and imported items that follow the trends in home fashion. The designers we select are the crème of the crop and have something really good to offer. We have attempted to keep our prices as low as the designers will allow and we have the added convenience of purchasing and paying online in a few quick clicks and the product will be delivered to your door.

What are your strengths?
We offer high quality products, that are well designed and delivered to you. Our team are a trend conscious group, who have an eye for well detailed items, and a sixth sense for future must-haves in the home décor world.

What were you doing prior to this business? Or do you do something else at the same time?
We have two directors, both whom come from very different lines of experience. Kylie is an interior designer, whom currently still practices as one. Nikki comes from a marketing background and lived in the Design Capital of the world, this style has been soaked up and dispersed into our online store and business as a whole.

Did you study?
Kylie has a B. Tech in Interior Design.
Nikki has a degree in Sports science and psychology

How do you market yourself and your business?
We mainly market ourselves through social media channels but are looking to branch out.

Where are you based?
We are based in La Lucia, Durban.

What inspires your creative process?
Current trends, blogs, interior magazines, furniture products etc.

What are some of your loves and loathes?
We love fabulous design, usually modern in nature or even retro inspired. We loathe poorly designed and made items and shoddy presentations.

What do you see in the future for yourself in the next few years?
We would LOVE to be one of the biggest online décor and furniture stores in the country, we would love for online shopping to be a safe and trusted way to shop and esque.co.za to be one of the forefront leaders of online shopping in the home ware department.

Why do you love Durban?
Durban is such a multi-cultural, and diverse place to live and work.
And not to mention... the weather.

Right now, what are you happy about?
Life in general !

I never leave home without…
My cellphone

How can people get hold of you?

Below are some of the Ruby girls favourites from the Esque online store - what are yours?

Aaron Kearney 'No-Knife' Bowl  //  10 Bottles Vino Holder  //  Bird Cage Pendant Light  //  Pin Tri Side Table  //  Eames Inspired Chair Grey  //  Clint Friedman Aloe 3 Scatter Cover  //  Triangle Love Scatter Cover

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