Wedding Blooms: Ranunculus

We absolutely adore beautifully put together wedding blooms - so much so that we thought we'd dedicate a few posts to some of our favourite wedding bouquet worthy flowers. We last spoke about the wedding bouquet heroes; Peonies and this week we're all about Ranunculus. These are perhaps not a 'star of the show' flower, but beautiful as a flower to fluff up your bouquet and to use in larger arrangements that require volume. Struggling to find them? They are also known as Persian Buttercups!

Ranunculus Basics:
Colours: Any colour imaginable really - white, red, soft pink, purple - the list goes on
Flowering Time: Look out for them in early spring. These are supposed to be really easy to grow, so why not give it a go?
Varieties: There are several varieties including Ranunculus Crenatus, Ranunculus Mache and Ranunculus Tecolote
Symbolises: Radiant charm

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