What to Wear: Beach Holiday

So in about three weeks the Ruby Team (aka Fil and Kim) will be jetting off to the shores of Mozambique for a particularly well-deserved break. Okay, so we won't exactly be "jetting off", but we will definitely be driving a long way for a holiday that we absolutely cannot wait for! In the spirit of the holidays and the festive season, we thought we'd do a post on what to wear to your beach holiday. And of course, we love any excuse to do a fashion board. 

We've made sure that every item in this board is firstly affordable, and secondly available in South Africa. Enjoy all the favourites we picked out from some of SA's online stores! You don't need much for a beach holiday, and you might need a few more items than we've put here, but these are our special requirements below:

1. Bikini from Woolworths - Any gorgeous bikini will do, and this is obviously first on the list!! We adore this colour blocking, figure-flattering cossie with a twisted contrast colour panel at the top seam. Wearing this, you will definitely make a graphic beach-side style statement, and at only R120 per top and bottom, its a winner!

2. Straw Fedora Hat from Mr Price - All that sun that you're going to be in deserves a cute hat - and looking after your skin (especially your face) is key! The fedora is one of this season's hottest hats, and we love the cute lace and flower trim detail on this straw hat.

3. Slogan Statement Tee from Mr Price - To pair up with your bikini or your denim shorts (below), a slouchy, short sleeve swoop neck cotton tee is perfect. You can put it on over anything!

4. Denim Shorts from Old Khaki - The "moonshine shorts" from Old Khaki are super short 5 pocket denim with a raw hem. Denims never go out of fashion, and you will always look stylish in hot little shorts that you can wear with your cossie.

5. Rare Earth Beach Bag from Old Khaki - What is a beach holiday without a beach bag? We just love this canvas striped beach bag with rope detail handles from Old Khaki. Its on trend and  stylish at the same time - and will be perfect for long days on the beach!

6. Havaianas - Need we say more? Any slops will do, and are totally necessary for a vay-cay at the beach, but we prefer the comfort and style of Havaianas.

7. Summer Dress from Mango - After your long days in the sun on the beach, you are going to need a cute little outfit for your evenings. This striped dress from Mango with belt detail is so cute, and perfect for a night out on the town or a relaxing night at home having a braai.

8. Gucci Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut - The Ruby Team girls LOVE sunglasses. We feel you just cannot be in the sun without them! You'll have to find a pair that suit your face shape, but here's a start with these Gucci sunglasses. They are modern, exclusive and high quality.

9. Piz Buin suntan lotion - To avoid all episodes of a "sunglasses tan", suntan lotion is the way forward. Piz Buin is a great quality lotion, so find a high factor SPF and use it all day long!

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