Wedding Day Survival Kit

It's always best to be prepared. And when you find yourself in the honoured position of being a bridesmaid, you'd best be prepared to do anything that might help your bride. To that effect, a wedding day survival kit is a great way at making sure any task can be done. It's a few simple items that can make the difference between the day going off without a hitch and you're bride in a heap against the bathroom door, pulling her hair out. Gather a few of these items in a bag for the big day, and she'll be forever grateful and willing to return the favour on your wedding day. 
1 // Sewing Kit 
Yip, this is essential. Pack a mini kit with thread, needles and a few buttons. If a dress rips and needs some emergency TLC, a mini sewing kit should do the trick. 
2 // Travel Size Tissues 
Crying at a wedding is not uncommon. These handy travel size tissues will fit into your clutch bag, or into a grooms man's pocket for those teary eyed  moments. 
3 // Mouth Wash 
Don't let your bride walk down the aisle with remnants of her pre-wedding snacks following her around. Get a  mini bottle and pass it around before the walk down the aisle, ensuring the bride is minty fresh and ready for her first kiss as a wife. 
4 // Plasters
Two words. High Heels. For those not versed in the art of walking in heels, blisters are bound to creep up and become a pain. Sort it out quickly and effectively with some plasters. The small round one's will be discreet too. 
5 // Chalk
This is the perfect tool for quickly and effectively hiding any  last minute stains and smudges that may be on the wedding dress. 
6 // Clear Nail Polish 
Perfect for stocking runs and touching up a manicure. Also carry the shade that the bride is wearing for any last minute touch ups. 
7 // Pain Relievers 
Headaches can be such a nuisance! Carry a small pack of pain killers to curb those mood killers. 
8 // Straws 
Yes, strange hey? It won't be so strange when your bride needs a last minute sip of water. No lipstick smudges, thank you very much. 
9 // Lip Balm 
Keep those lips perfectly kissable with a pot of lip balm. 
10 // Snack Bars
Prevent the mortifying chance of your bride passing out on the alter by keeping a few Granola or health bars on hand. They're quick and easy to eat and they'll sustain her energy levels for a long time.

Those are our top ten wedding day survival kits items - what would you include in yours? 

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