{Treding} Ankle Boots

What girl doesn't love the site of a rack / cupboard / shelf / room full of shoes? There's something about finding the perfect shoe that just sends chills down our spines. You just know that they will complete your outfit and you just know that they will turn heads. With winter fast approaching (anyone else feeling the sudden nip in the air?), boots are taking up our minds in a big way. And we're seeing so many ankle boots in stores nowadays. From dainty heeled suede boots, to flat sneaker styled boots, to chunky cowboy styled ones to thin wedged styles - it's all there and it's all available to suit your personal style. Here are a  few of our season favourites. 

From left to right, top to bottom: 
1 // We love the low chunky heel of this suede boot. It means walking for hours won't cause permanent damage to your feet. 
2 // These are a great casual boot - perfect teamed with a pair of jeans and a comfy white shirt. We like to think of it as a Sunday, I'm-meeting-my-friend-for-coffee-boot. 
3 // These are another pair of great comfy looking boots. The two toned black adds a little something different to these bad boys too. 
4 // Va-va-voom! These boots are worn with the aim of drawing in some wanted attention. We love the sexy heel and the criss-cross patterning add a contemporary edge to the boot.
5 // These are a great casual alternative to the above-mentioned "Sunday" boot. Tan is always the perfect neutral to add to your wardrobe. We think these would work great with jeans or with chunky leggings over a loose patterned jersey. 
6 // These are another sexy pair of heels, but with a more reasonable, chunky heel. The flash of lined neutral add an interesting touch. 
7 // You can't beat the classic tan and gold combo. The cowboy heel round these off nicely. A good standard boot to have in your wardrobe, we think. 
8 // We adore this last pair - neutral, a great slick heel and an ankle hugging top. Be careful with these though, they end directly on the ankle and you run the risk of visually chopping your leg in half - making it look bulky. 

Links (top pictures - 1 // 2). Other links to individual boots found in the above paragraph. 

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