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It gives us such pleasure to introduce you to Bron of Vanilla Photography. We have been faithful followers of her work for quite some time now and we were thrilled when she said yes to being featured on Ruby. We love the honesty of her work; how she manages to capture those special 'inbetween' moments that are so quick to pass and rare to capture. So sit back with a cup of tea and let's get to know her. 
How did you get into photography? Was it a hobby that expanded into a business, or has it been a dream since you were young?
I had been taking photos since I was around 13 years old (maybe even younger!), and had always dreamed of shooting fashion models for magazines, or having my own magazine! But I’m a woman and I’m allowed to change my mind. So I studied Interior Decorating and went into that. I then worked in the fabric industry for a while, and just was not feeling totally fulfilled. So I decided to quit my job to travel Europe. Taking my camera with me and snapping away at beautiful people and places just gave me the push I needed. From then, I knew that I could do this forever. I’ve never looked back…

Tell us about yourself in three words.
I love cheese!
What were you doing prior to becoming a photographer?
I worked in Interior Decorating and fabrics. I’m still very passionate about that as well, and adore trolling Interior Blogs at night for some inspiration. Beauty is everywhere!
What did you study?
Interior Decorating & Photography

Where are you based? And do you travel for your photography?
I’m based in Umhlanga, but will travel anywhere in the WORLD for a shoot. I have serious itchy feet when it comes to travelling.

How would you describe your photography "aesthetic"? 
I think my work is natural, light and real. The smiles are real. The moments are real. When it comes to portraits and weddings, I prefer to just let the moments happen, with just a tiny bit of direction to get the frame right. I don’t enjoy studio style work, and much prefer natural light and using our gorgeous country as the backdrop!
What inspires your photography?
Everything. I can’t put my finger on what ‘everything’ is. But as I said before, beauty is everywhere I look! Our country is gorgeous, and full of so many amazing people and places. I also love visiting other countries and taking time out from my ‘day job’, to photograph other people and places. It gets the creativity flowing again, and opens a new eye.  That’s inspiring! As well as other photographers. I so enjoy trolling through other blogs and feeling inspired by other’s work. I just LOVE photos and all the emotion they divulge.

Besides photography, what are your other loves? 
Dogs. Cheese. Travel. My friends. My family. Beautiful interiors. People. Kids. My boyfriend. Tea. (Not necessarily in that order)
Do you shoot anything else besides weddings? 
Weddings and kids are my passion. I shoot everything from family, maternity and newborns, to weddings and fashion. I have dabbled in a bit of commercial work as well.
As a design and wedding blog, we have to ask: do you enjoy photographing weddings?
Enjoy? I LOVE it! There are so many real moments that go on in between the stuff that everyone else sees. I strive to capture these. The happiness and love shared on someone’s big day is indescribable. Not to mention the beautiful décor….

If you had to choose a photographer to take your own wedding photos, who would it be? Who inspires you?
Catherine Mac. She’s a Cape Town based photographer. Although we’ve never met, I feel like I just ‘get’ her, and her style ‘gets’ me. She inspires me so much, although I don’t try to match her style. Don’t get me wrong- there is SO much talent in Natal. I just am totally hooked to her work, it keeps drawing me back!
What do you see in the future for yourself in the next few years?
More travel. My own wedding. Saving the world one dog at a time. And many, many more spectacular clients! I hope to shoot some more international weddings too! (starting this month in the UK! Yay!)

What are your wedding/engagement/general shoot rates?
My Engagement Packages start at R1250, and weddings start at R 10 000.
How can people get hold of you?
Or call me: 082 780 6997

Please finish these sentences:

Right now I am happy about my new car!

Photography is my happy place. I’m very lucky to do what I love every single day!

Rooibos tea is over rated. But can be delicious if I’m craving it!

I am so grateful  for the opportunities I have been given that lead me to where I am today. I have the best parents anyone could ask for!

People would say that I am friendly, outgoing, sarcastic (but in a charming way), obsessed with animals.
I get annoyed when my internet is down!

A photograph is a moment caught in time for people to forever cherish.
In a year I will be still doing what I love!  Just older and wiser.

When I wake up in the morning I walk my dogs. Check my emails. Drink tea. Occasionally go to gym.
I don't understand how some people don’t strive to keep learning.

I am terrified of snakes! Losing those closest to me.
Tomorrow I will be trying to spend some time looking for sweet flight deals to our next travel destination.

If I had a million Rand I would be one step closer to saving the world one dog at a time!
Vanilla Photography is all over the web! Find Bron here: 
The Little Pink Book
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