Gareth & Paige Engagement Shoot

We just love Saysha Baker. Not only does she take beautiful photographs, but she is always sending us lovely links, sharing our Facebook statuses and telling us about new shoots that she's doing that we might be interested in featuring on the blog. We wish we could just feature them all, her pictures are so stunning! 

Today we're sharing pictures of this couple, Gareth and Paige, who are getting married this month; we thought this the perfect time to feature their gorgeous Autumn Engagement Shoot. Feel all the love below! 

In Saysha's words:
"I met up with Gareth and Paige on a stunning morning at the end of April. We had been trying to meet up for a couple of months but the sessions were sabotaged twice due to bad weather. Everything converged perfectly on this morning as we connected in a little space of perfect early morning light where the glowing colours of Autumn displayed brilliant harmonies of red, brown and gold. The light and landscape played perfect suitors to the natural affection between this gorgeous couple and it was easy to capture the comfortable nature of their relationship.Their wedding is in September and I cannot wait to capture it!"

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