Photography Feature: Luca Barausse

We're always thrilled to come across great Durban photographers that we had never heard of before. Luca's style is polished, considered and just plain dreamy. Sit back and get to know him (and his awesome sense of humour) with us.

How did you get into photography? Was it a hobby that expanded into a business, or has it been a dream since you were young?
I remember my father had a Canon SLR when I was very young. I loved to play with it. Seeing the world though the lens, focusing and firing was something I would do a lot! The sound of the shutter going off and feeling the mechanical parts kick inside the camera - I guess that’s where my fascination started.

It wasn’t until much later in life that I would even consider it as a career. I didn’t go to varsity after school. I got the feeling that unless you really knew what you wanted to study, varsity was just a place to lose yourself and meet friends. Seeing as I had no idea, I thought I would rather see the world and in doing so find what it was I wanted to do. I’m a bit of a romantic.I don’t know if it worked but I did found myself living in Madrid, Spain. I spoke Italian but not Spanish, so I thought I would study a 2-year diploma in Media studies. My reasoning was that I would learn Spanish and calm my worried mother that I was thinking about the future.

It turns out the course was heavily weighted around photography. I don’t believe you have to study photography; in fact the two most important things I learnt were taught to me in the first week.

Firstly, we were told to buy an SLR, (naturally I went for an old canon AE-1) and to shoot with a 50mm for the whole year. This taught us composition.

Secondly, at our very first lesson the teacher showed us a photograph of an apple and asked “class what is this?” to which we all pretty much answered “An Apple!?”

“No, it’s an image of an apple”. He replied, and with no explanation he simply moved on with the class. It was only much later that I would realize the meaning of the question and how important it is that you know that difference.

Tell us about yourself in three words.
Realist romantic dreamer

What were you doing prior to becoming a photographer?
I translated documents from Spanish and Italian to English.

What did you study?
Media Studies and Spanish

Where are you based? And do you travel for your photography?
I’m based in Glenwood, Durban but love to travel. That’s the best part of the job. In September I will be shooting a wedding in Barcelona. I can’t wait!!!

How would you describe your photography "aesthetic"?
Ooooh tough one… I think that’s the kinda question you can best answer looking back, I’m too busy looking ahead, I feel it’s still developing and maturing.

What inspires your photography?
I have a little catch phrase that sums it up: Life, Love and Light

Besides photography, what are your other loves?
Music, traveling, sleeping, languages, and history…I collect old things.

Besides weddings, what else do you shoot?
I shoot it all really, big events, nightlife, band shoots…but I think the one I like to shoot the most is wildlife.

As a design and wedding blog, we have to ask: do you enjoy photographing weddings?

I do, it’s a lot more work then all other fields of photography and it’s a tough market but I do enjoy the pressure. With sites like Pinterest, clients have high expectations on what we as photographers should deliver. You often have to work with what you got and think on your toes.

If you had to choose a photographer to take your own wedding photos, who would it be? Who inspires you?
Hahhahaha don’t be silly, you know the guy has no say in who the photographer is going to be! To be honest, I wouldn’t want to have to choose the photographer. Make no mistake though…I’m gonna crit every move he or she makes!

What do you see in the future for yourself in the next few years?
Exciting things! I’m hoping to increase my client base overseas…and well the rest? You gonna have to just watch this space.

What are your wedding/engagement/general shoot rates?
Weddings start at about R10 000 and go up to R21 000. My engagement shoot rate is about R1200.

How can people get hold of you?
My website (hit the Contact tab)

Please finish these sentences:

Right now I am happy about this new concept I want to pitch to a client.

Photography is painting with life, love and light.

Rooibos tea is what I forgot to buy at the spar an hour ago, thanks for reminding me.

I am so grateful that you asked me to feature on your awesome blog
{Thanks Luca - the pleasure is all ours! :) }

People would say that I am terrible at spelling…thank goodness for spell check.

I get annoyed when I see bad photography by people who claim to be photographers.

A photograph is a story.

In a year I will hold an expo.

When I wake up in the morning I make a banana, yogurt and frozen berry smoothie…that’s right ladies.

I don't understand how they can lose a plane! Seriously!

I am terrified of sharks…I hate those guys.

Tomorrow I will be shooting an event at Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban.

If I had a million Rand I would put it in various Unit Trusts to ensure I’m beating inflation, then borrow another million from the bank and use that to start a another company that would make back the borrowed million. And that kids is how money is born.

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