Stationery Trend: Laser Cutting

We have to admit that this is one wedding stationery trend that gets us super excited! Laser cutting takes wedding stationery to a whole other level, adding texture, shape and pattern in such a unique and eye-catching way. And often, if no printing is involved, this can prove to be a really cost effective approach to getting your stationery done.

So what exactly is laser cutting? Simply put, laser cutting is a technique of engraving that uses a high-power laser to cut, melt or burn through material to leave a high-quality finish. The laser part also means that it's very high-precision, enabling a high degree of detail (something us Ruby girls love). Laser cutting can be used across a variety of materials from paper and wood, to plastic and metal. We love it for it's accuracy, it's high quality finish and of course, all of its potential.

We have received numerous requests of late for laser cutting and we are so excited to have some like-minded clients on board with us through this process. Watch this space!

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