Our Month in Pics - July

July has been a super busy month personally for the girls of Ruby + Swallow! It seems like this time of year is always a busy one for most people though, and we've loved having jam-packed weekends this month. Here's a little recap of our July, but for more, follow us both on Instagram: @Fil_RubySwallow and @Kim_RubySwallow.

1- Packaging will almost always determine whether we instantly pop a product into our trolleys or not! This perfume packaging from a shop in Nice, France is a perfect example of something pretty and well thought out!

2 - If indulgence is what you're after, then an Oyster Box breakfast is the way to go. With loads of delicious food to choose from, all in the perfect setting, there's no better place to have a relaxed Sunday morning.

3 - One of Kim's good friends was married this month at the beautiful Freedom Cafe. From a lovely outdoor ceremony, to a tapas-style dinner under a big tree, with a sky of fairy lights above us, the wedding was truly magical.

4 - The travel bug still quite hasn't left Filipa. This picture was taken in the Japanese Gardens in Monaco - a beautiful day packed with the best memories.

5 - Speaking of fairy lights, we sent off this gorgeous black and white invitation set to a client in Joburg at the beginning of this month. They were thrilled with the result, and it reminded us beautiful a simple invitation can be, without any fuss or frills.

6 - Being a bridesmaid means getting pampered and dressed up for a friend's special day, and Kim loved it!

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