Appy Couple: Review

Nowadays, most tech-savvy people own a  smart phone and max out it's potential - loading it with all sorts of apps. From weather predictors, to list makers, yoga poses to daily reminders, we all have apps that help us along with our daily lives. Well, extra tech-savvy brides can say hello to an app that's going to make sending out your invites a cinch. Say hello to AppyCouple, a iPhone and Andriod compatible app that allows you to craft a wedding website in your own unique style.

We love this app for it's tight attention to the aesthetic details. With loads of different pre-designed styles, you are bound to find something that not only looks gorgeous, but that suits your wedding and your personalities. 

Step 1 - Choose your design 
There are over 500+ designs to chose from in their range. The designs are grouped into collections - ranging from bespoke - you get to choose exactly what you want, to boutique, where the bulk of their designs sit and finally, the luxury collection which feature limited edition themes from fashion designers. You can select your design through various colour and style choices ranges from Gatsby to Playful. There is so much choice. Standard designs start from around $30 and the luxe range start from around $125. Not bad considering you are essentially get a wedding website, RSVP manager and Invitations done in one go. 

Step 2 - Assemble your App and Wedding Website 
You can do so much with this app - collate guest photos, monitor RSVPs, get song requests, plan and remind guests of whatever you need to and socialise with your guests leading to the big day. 

Step 3 - Share!
Share your wedding app with your guests! There is nothing too technical about this app, it's easy to manage, fun to put together and keeps everything in one simple place for your guests: their phones! 

Find them on the web: 

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