Tangerine Tango for Sale!

If we know anything about anything in the world today, it's that everybody will try capitalise on whatever they can - it's just how the world works. And Pantone is no different - a few months after announcing their colour of the year, Tangerine Tango, the company has teamed up with cosmetics mega store Sephora, to create a line of Tangerine Tango products. They've really pushed the boat out with these products - you'll find lipstick, a cosmetics bag, make-up brushes and eye shadows in the shade. The most outrageous product from this collection? Tangerine Tango false eyelashes of course! 
Lots of other companies have followed suit and pretty much named any orange product of there's "Tangerine Tango". We love this great Yara WL chair designed by Stefan Westmeyer and the Fluoro hanging lights designed by Tom Dixon will add a great pop of bright to any bright room, bringing your space right on trend. And who could resist this great Bodum mixer? Bodum have a great range of appliances in Tangerine Tango - toaster, salt and pepper shakers and coffee grinders. 
We're all for having a colour of the year - why not? But decorating your entire house in the shade, and investing in quality pieces for a year long fad? Maybe not. Let's see what next year's colour will have in store for us! 

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