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With winter one its way, what could be better than slipping into some long trousers, a warm blazer and comfortable closed shoes. All this is possible with menswear - a trend that comes and goes throughout the seasons. Well love its tailored lines, rich colours and fun accessories. Menswear shouldn't be about trying to look tough and masculine; rather its about drawing on men's fashion and turning it into something feminine, bold and gutsy. We loved Abigail Keats' take on this trend at this years Mercedes Benz South African Fashion Week and we expect to see key pieces like suspenders, long white shirts and bow ties aplenty this upcoming season. 
So not sure where to start with this trend? Simplicity is key. Start by working some key items into your wardrobe and using them to accent what you already have. Invest in a good blazer. Black is always an easy colour to work in your wardrobe. If you want something more playful, go for something in a pattern (polka dots and stripes will always be classic) or be bold and choose a blazer in a playful pastel or bright primary colour. 
If you really want to pull out all the stops with this trend, add a playful bow tie to your outfit. Add them to a tailored, collared top, and throw a cardigan over it all for a finished look. Keep the fabric choice colourful and patterned to make it fun and not too masculine. Many tops with come with a built in "pussy bow" tie - this is a great option if you're not brave enough for the more traditional bow tie. 
Brogues are a sure way of working this trend into your wardrobe and keeping you right on course with the menswear look. We love a good tan brogue - you can wear these with a pair of tailored pants, a dress, or even a pair of shorts. Throw in some socks for a quirky indie feel and you've got wearing brogues down to an art! 
Menswear shouldn't be intimidating or too masculine. Its about being fun, quirky and playful with your fashion. Remember the key to this look is simply about working some key pieces into your wardrobe and making it work for you. So got out, throw on a pair of brogues and have some fun! 

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