June Obsessions

Last month, we started a new monthly "Obsessions" feature, titled May Obsessions. Many of you commented about how you loved it, so we're glad to be doing it again! Us girls seem to always have lots of obsessions in common, so we hope you like the things we've been obsessing over this June. As we told you in May, some of our obsessions involve things, others people, sometimes food and sometimes just colour combinations. Yes, we're that obsessive! So we're spreading the crazy again this month. What are some of your obsessions? We'd love to hear them!
First on our list is the blazer trend. Here in Durbs, it has been so warm this winter that we don't need winter coats. Instead we can rock the blazer look to our hearts content, and still stay warm. Blazers are perfect for the “I have nothing to wear” fashion emergency! And one of the best things about them is that you can wear them throughout winter and summer – the transition is seamless. A black blazer is always perfect, as its simple and goes with anything. But if you’re feeling daring, a bright blue or coral blazer will be right on trend!
We couldn’t think of a food combination that goes together better than this one! Each ingredient is as amazing on its own as it is when they are together, and they all add something absolutely deeeee-licious to a meal. Put these toppings on a warm, crispy pizza in winter and you’re good to go! A perfect June obsession - or ultimately an every-month-obsession - even if we say so ourselves. 
Aaah. The Vampire Diaries. So we don’t only love this series because literally every character is insanely gorgeous. They happen to have an epic soundtrack too! I (Filipa) loved Bat for Lashes before I found her on this soundtrack, but I am so glad it is! The moody, sombre vibe of the series is only illuminated more by the music – and we just love it. Other favourites on the soundtrack are Vampire Weekend and Band of Horses. 
We began to love this hair style when one of our brides mentioned that she wanted something similar for her away-in-the-forest themed wedding. It does have that fairy-like appeal, like something out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We absolutely love all things twisted and plaited when it comes to hair. Who needs an alice band when you can braid one out of your own hair? The possibilities really are endless, and the style can be as casual or as glamorous as you like. The only negative is that its a very hard style to pull off on yourself – so gather your BFF’s and get them to do it for you!  
A month or two ago, I (Kim) moved into a flat on the beach with a beautiful sea view, and so I got the chance to decorate my room from scratch. I’ve always been exceptionally partial to white decor – you can just never go wrong with it. But the decor style I’ve fallen in love with is grey and white. With crisp white linens against gusty shades of grey are two neutrals that can really hold a room together. grey might seem like a bit of a depressing colour... but add to it your beautiful white linens, white frames and shelves, an impressive mirror, a statement lamp – and you may just make a room really sophisticated.

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