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We've been following this blog before we even started Ruby and the Swallow and it still remains one of our firm favourites. Maybe its because Jessica Jones, the writer behind How About Orange, is a graphic designer and that appeals to us. Or maybe its because she's designed amazing fabric lines that we love. Or maybe its just because she is the be all and end all of finding great free downloadables, simple DIYs and amazing design resource sites. Either way, How About Orange is always a great read and we firmly recommend it to anyone looking to build up a good blog library. Jessica is also an absolute whizz when it comes to folding paper and her simple and great looking origami art is scattered throughout her site too. 
So what exactly is How About Orange about? In Jessica's words;
How About Orange features craft project how-tos, decorating ideas, printable downloads, useful design resources and lots of inspiration for people who like to create things".
This blog is right down our alley. To show exactly how cool this blog is, here are a few of our favourite finds that have come straight from How About Orange. Earlier this week we featured two of Jessica's DIY's in our Geometric Decor post, so it goes without saying that those were on our lists of favourites. Here are a few other pearls that we have come to treasure courtesy of How About Orange. 

1. Little Origami Elephant
We love the look of this cute little guy and paired with the cute bunny rabbit and the tiny kitten origami DIYs, you can own a whole range of Origami animals. We think these would positively brighten up your work desk, or make interesting centre pieces for your next dinner party. 
2. Match a Cocktail to Your Favourite Music
This is tagged as a 'time waster' on Jessica's blog and yep, it is one. But its fun and a great way to break through the mundane drag of everyday work. Here, Jessica has taken us to a site called Drinkify - a great little place for matching your particular music mood with a cocktail. Complete with recipes and all! Go on and try it out here. We know you're curious. 
3. The Kill Comic Sans Game
You'll have to excuse us on this one. We're graphic designers and hating the font Comic Sans just comes with the territory. That's where this fun little game comes into play. Shoot the comic sans font to win points. We'll waste our afternoon away playing this. Thanks Jessica! 
4. Woven Ball Paper Garland
We  mentioned that How About Orange is full of Origami tricks and this is one of them. We love the look of these garlands and think they'd go great on a headboard, around a mirror or even down the length of a table as a centre piece. This DIY link is super simple and easy to follow, so anyone can make stuff that looks this impressive. We're fans! 
5. Paper Candle Holders
This is another great and easy DIY to follow. Perfect if you want to dress up your boring glass candle holders. And oh-so-simple. 
Impressed? We thought so. Go check out How About Orange for some great design tips, inspiration and more. Also find How About Orange on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Picture Credits: All pictures sourced from How About Orange.

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