DIY Tutorial: Make your own noticeboard

Us Ruby girls have those silly A-type personalities, where we have to make lists and labels, and write notes to ourselves, and keep calendars... you know the type? That's why we design ourselves those lovely monthly calendars (that we share with our readers too as free printables) - we just wouldn't survive without writing down all our thoughts and ideas, as well as appointments and events! We thought it was about time we had some place to stick things onto - you know, invitations, calendars, price lists, notes, business cards - and so we made ourselves these easy-peasy do-it-yourself noticeboards.

Just a note - these noticeboards aren't fancy. But they're simple, so easy to make and do just the trick! Both of us have our own boards that we made ourselves to put onto our bedroom walls - and they have been filled up ever since. You may have some leftover wallpaper or wrapping paper that just happens to coordinate perfectly with your bedroom or study. Read our step-by-step DIY tutorial on how to make your own! 
Step 1: Your kit
You will need:
Polystyrene board cut to the size of your choice (you can buy this at any party/craft shop)
Wrapping paper (choose one that will best suit the area that you will place the noticeboard in)
Long ruler
Scissors (or alternatively a blade and cutting board)
Sticky tape
Double-sided tape
A large surface area to work on 
Step 2: Measure & Draw
If you need to, cut the polystyrene board to your desired size. This is what is perfect about making a noticeboard in a DIY fashion, because you can tailor make it to the exact size you need! Once you have the correct size, measure how much wrapping paper you are going to need. Remember to add in quite a bit extra on the sides so that you can stick the paper tightly at the back of the board. With a ruler and pen, draw a thin line down the wrapping paper to show where to cut and to make sure it is neat. 
Step 3: Cut
Cut the wrapping paper right down the line you have just drawn. Or alternatively, if you are using a blade, place your ruler on the line - ensure you have a cutting board under the paper - and cut down where desired. 
Step 4: Glue
Now that your paper is at it's perfect size, add glue to any side of the polystyrene board. Make sure you cover the entire surface area, especially the sides. 
Step 5: Stick
Turn the polystyrene around and press the side with the glue directly in the centre of the wrapping paper. Make sure to hold down firmly for a few minutes to ensure that it has stuck down properly. Then turn it around, and make sure to smooth out the 'bubbles' on the front of the board. 
Step 6: Seal
Now that the wrapping paper is stuck to the polystyrene, fold the side pieces around the back (as if you are wrapping a present). Use sticky tape (and glue if you have to) to tightly seal the wrapping paper closed. Remember that it doesn't matter too much what the back looks like as you will never see it :)
Step 7: Hang
Place four pieces of double-sided tape in each corner of the noticeboard. We used four because our board is small and square, but if your board is larger, we suggest you add more tape. Un-peel the flap on the double-sided tape and stick to the wall in the area you desire.
Step 8: Voila!
You now have your very own noticeboard to hang all your bits and pieces onto! Remember to get some pins to keep near the noticeboard so you can hang things up whenever you please.

All photographs taken by Ruby & the Swallow Design Collective.

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