You CAN do it!

The Internet is full of great and simple DIY tutorials for anything you can imagine. With a bit of patience and dedication, you can create some really great home decor, party items, clothing, art - you name it! We've rounded up our top 5 favourite DIY's for you to give a try. They are all really simple, so anyone can do them. And the best part? Doing it yourself saves you piles of money and gives you much more satisfaction than anything shop bought could ever do! We've already featured a noticeboard DIY on the blog and we're gearing up to share a lot more other fun DIY's with you soon too! 
Found on: A Merry Mishap
Difficulty: Easy 
Time to Make: Around 30mins 
Budget: Cheap
We love the look of these simple beaded necklaces that are right on track with the neon trend. They are super easy to make and just require a steady handy and a trip to the craft store. Get the full DIY right here. 
Found on: Virginia and Charlie
Difficulty: Moderate if you don't have a circle punch 
Time to Make: Anything between 1 hour to a few hours (again, depending on whether you have a circle punch or not!) 
Budget: Cheap
We can imagine this looking really great on a large scale. If you have a large circle punch, this DIY will be a cinch - simple punch out circles from any scrap paper you may have and lay it out to form the above pattern. Stick it on some backing board or backing paper and frame it. Voila, you have your own personal, hand-made art! Get the full DIY right here. 

Found on: Martha Stewart 
Difficulty: Moderate - it can get a little tricky
Time to Make: 45 mins prep, drying time is a little longer (think overnight - twice)! 
Budget: Medium
We think these would look just great on a window sill or arranged on a dining room table. All you need is some old glass containers (wine bottles, sauce bottles, old coca cola bottles - you get the idea) and some enamel paint. You simply pour the paint into the glass container and swirl it around to get even coverage. Leave them upside down to dry and before you know it, you'll be staring at a whole lot of pretty. We think these would be great for super simple table decor at a wedding or baby shower. Find the full DIY here
Found on: Under the Sycamore (Ashley Ann Photography)
Difficulty: Easy
Time to Make: 30 - 45 Mins  
Budget: Cheap!
This would make a really great and thoughtful gift to anyone who loves to make lists or keep a diary. You can really personalise this gift by adding in the initials of the person you are giving it to, using their favourite colours and even writing a message to them on the first page. You can buy great scrap book paper or wrapping paper for this, or if you're on a budget, use whatever you have collected at home. See the full DIY here.

Found on: How About Orange 
Difficulty: Moderate to Hard 
Time to Make: Depends on your cutting skills   
Budget: Cheap!
These snowflake garlands are just too pretty don't you think? We can picture them in an array of frosty blues and silvers, hanging on a wall above a fireplace, or over an entrance. With Christmas fast approaching (yes, we said it), these are a great little craft to do while watching TV. They also make great gift toppers. And its not that hard, with a but of practice, and the free downloadable, anyone can do it! Get the full DIY here.

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