On Trend: Botanical Inspired Stationery

Here at Ruby we love weddings - that goes without saying. And the thing we love most about weddings is the stationery and paper goods that go along with the big day. We're graphic designers and we just can't help it! With that being said, we're always on the look out for new trends in wedding stationery and the botanical trend is one we are absolutely smitten with. What's great about this trend is how much you can do with it - it isn't limited to just one time period. You can have a vintage or a modern feel without compromising on style in anyway. Take a look and see exactly why we're eager about this trend.
1 // We love the bright colour palette and bold use of prints in these invites. Aren't they just great? This bride was particularly daring and went for several different flowers patterns. All to great effect, we think! 
2 // The style seen in this wedding invitation is probably the most typical manifestation of the botanical trend. The soft pastels dotted with darker spots of colour and the minimalist approach is really popular. You can see this trend in repeated in Panel 4 too. 
3 // This botanical approach is vintage inspired and just too beautiful. We love the use of these blues - don't they just remind you of vintage inspired porcelain plates? This illustration looks great coupled with a minimalist approach to decor. 
4 // Just like Panel 2, this is a popular way of interpreting this theme. We love the added use of calligraphy - very on trend and oh-so-pretty! 
5 // This is a great example of a more traditional approach to botanical illustrations. You can tell because the flowers are illustrated very realistically  This gives the invites a very classic and refined look. We especially love the colouring of this invitation. 
6 // We ADORE this Save the Date for its simplistic take on the botanical theme. We appreciate the symmetry of this modern design and it kind of reminds us of Jon Shireman's  "Broken Flowers" work. 
7 // This is a great take on the botanical theme if you're a bride who likes a contemporary, modern look. The dark card contrasts beautifully with this simplified and bright flower illustration. 

Picture Credits: All found in the links in the above paragraphs. 

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