YOU Weddings {Spring/Summer Issue}

Last month we did a review of the Fairlady Bride Summer edition, and we thought it was only fair to let you know what we think about some of their local competition: YOU Weddings. We saw it when searching for the Fairlady issue, and honestly were quite surprised that YOU has delved into the bridal market. Curiosity got the better of us and we decided to buy it and see what they had to offer. And we were pleasantly surprised! It’s not full of celebrity gossip and sensationalist stories like its sister magazine, and we thought it was genuinely a good read.

We took some photographs below of our favourite page spreads of this Spring/Summer issue to give you an idea of what this magazine showcases. It is a great start to get some basic ideas for your wedding planning, and at R35, it’s not too expensive. Besides our favourite articles below, YOU Bride also had a page of “Reader’s Idea’s” which was cool and unique as well as a “40 Steps and You’re Married” calendar, showing what you should do in the forty-day countdown to your Big Day. It is quite simple, with an activity a day layout, but shows in what order you should be planning your wedding.
Celeb Weddings: Get the Look
What we love is how YOU chose eight (yes, there were that many!) local celebrity weddings to showcase but they were all completely different in theme/style. Each four-to-six page spread was filled with details of their wedding, and then showed us style inspriation moodboards of how to “get the look” for your own wedding. Themes went from White Wonderland, Explosions of Colour, Romance & Bling, Vintage, Fairytale, Bollywood, Rustic Chic and Winter Elegance.

 Aisle Style
These few pages were a very interesting read. One of THE hardest things about a wedding (or so we’ve heard) is choosing the dress. You may love a certain style but what if it doesn’t match your figure in reality? This article shows the different dress types suitable for Column, Pear, Hourglass and Apple-shaped bodies.
Fashion – Bouquettes – Cakes - DIY
There were the mandatory bridal pages of fashion & colour palettes, bouqettes and cakes which didn’t go into too much depth, but were thought-provoking nonetheless. Then onto a read that as designers, we of course loved: DIY Feeling Creative. This included six pages of fun DIY ideas, and it was like an awesome little mash-up of Pinterest pictures in four different themes.

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