Kim's Birthday Wishlist

Happy December everyone! This year has flown, and it doesn't feel like it's been one whole year since I shared my last birthday wishlist with you! Time sure does fly when you're having fun. December brings a whole lot of fun and festivities with it, which for me, always includes my birthday right in the middle of it. This past month has been so busy that I've barely thought about my birthday, so this post was a good excuse to think about a gift list with no budget in mind! What is on your wish list for this December?

1. If you know me, you'll know I like to sticking to buying cheaper sunglasses because I generally lose them or sit on them, or something in between! But I've started realising the bad effects that cheap sunglasses have on a person's eyes, and it just might be time for an upgrade. I love these D&G tortoise brown sunnies, that are perfect for an oval face shape.

2. I love books beautifully displayed on shelves, rather than sitting on a bookshelf. These Novelty Unicorn Bookends from Typo make the perfect accessories, as they provide both a decor element as well as being useful.

3. I've been in love with large leather overnight bags ever since I was overseas in March, as I saw so many I was desperate to have over there. Just adore this Vintage Look Weekend Bag from Top Shop!

4. If you haven't read the DIY style blog, A Beautiful Mess, you should. Written by awesome duo Emma and Elsie, it is filled with so many everyday pictures that they take themselves. Their A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea book shares tips and photo challenges that teach and inspire about taking better pictures. Got to have it!

5. I've had the same watch since my sweet sixteenth birthday, until last year when I misplaced it, and never saw it again. I'm extremely fussy about watches, and if you pair that with my really small wrists, I have a hard time finding watches that I really love. But I fell in love with this Fossil watch a while back after seeing it in a shop window! I've been obsessed with everything rose gold lately, and the big round face of this chic Georgia watch with the slim stainless steel bracelet makes it perfectly feminine.

6. I am super obsessed with juicing, and love the idea of the raw food movement. This is a huge out-of-the-budget splurge on my wishlist but I had to include it - this juicer from Yuppie Chef would be a welcome addition in my kitchen!

7. You can never have too many of these in my opinion! Love these plain and patterned cotton sleep shorts from Woolies.

8. What better way is there to end off the year that with a new diary to plan the next? Love this 2014 gold metallic diary from Typo.

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